A number of assailants set early on Sunday morning the Gaza-based Fatah main office, known as the Marji'yya, was set on fire, causing a considerable damage to the building, located the west of Gaza city.

Spokesman of the Hamas-run interior ministry, Ehab Elghosain, told media outlets that those who attacked the Fatah building today have been identified and they would be brought to justice soon.

Elghosain condemned the attack, saying that any excuses are unacceptable by his ministry.

The spokesman also revealed that the assailants were Fatah-linked people, whose monthly salaries have been withheld by the Ramallah-based government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the past few months.

Palestinian Presiddent, Mahmoud Abbas, outlawed the Islamist Hamas following the party's takeover of the coastal territory in June of last year and demanded a boycott of Hamas government.

Media reports suggest that at least 40,0000 Palestinian Authority employees in Gaza have had their salaries withheld following Hamas's seizure of the coastal enclave amidst a power struggle with Fatah party of Abbas.