Unlike previous years, the Palestinian Authority decided that all policemen and security personnel who would be deployed in Bethlehem during Christmas will be from the Bethlehem district.Usually the Palestinian Authority deploys 200-300 policemen from different parts of the West Bank to during Christmas period. But this year the deployed policemen and security personnel will only be from Bethlehem district.

Head of the Bethlehem police department, Khalid Tamimi, said that 500–600 policemen will be deployed in Bethlehem this year, and added that the reason behind this decision is that the policemen who are from Bethlehem know the area very well, know its alleys and streets, and are well aware of the customs and traditions of the city.

Tamimi added that media personnel will have special arrangements, and that the police department will hold a meeting with reporters and media agencies.

He also said that the Palestinian Authority coordinated with Israel to ease the restrictions on roadblocks across the West Bank in order to allow access into Bethlehem.

Tamimi further stated that members of the Peres Center for Peace visited Bethlehem recently and saluted the efforts of the Palestinian Authority for bringing security to the area.

He said that the Palestinian policemen and security personnel who will be deployed in Bethlehem underwent special training and will be deployed started at dawn on December 24.

The Palestinian Authority allocated 50.000 USD to decorate Bethlehem and to prepare for Christmas celebrations.