Belgium has decided to ask the European Union to make a decision as to whether it will sanction Israel for preventing E.U. officials from entering the besieged Gaza Strip to observe the destruction and suffering that is being inflicted upon the residents. Belgium said that the Israeli violations are devastating the humanitarian, social, psychological and health conditions of the residents.

Belgian Development Minister, Charles Michel, told the Belgium Radio on Sunday that he decided to officially raise this issue during E.U meetings to demand Israel abide by its obligations to the international community.

The Belgian stance came after Israel prevented Michel from entering the Gaza Strip on Saturday. His intentions were to visit the coastal region to observe the damage and devastation inflicted by Israel.

Michel said he also wanted to observe the damage inflicted on projects financed by his country in Gaza, to note if any were bombarded by Israel during the war last year.

Israel defended its stance and said that such a visit boosts Hamas and the status of its government.

Israeli officials claimed that Israel is allowing the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, and that the siege will not be lifted “before the firing of homemade shells stops, and before the captured prisoner of war, Corporal Gilad Shalit, is released”.

On Sunday, Michel held a meeting with Israel’s deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, and said that “it is unreasonable that I am prevented from entering Gaza while my country finances projects there. ‘

Ayalon went on to claim that any humanitarian aid that Belgium gives to Hamas would be embezzled by terrorists, instead of reaching its intended targets.

Ayalon prevented the Israeli decision and said that Israel also prevented the Foreign Ministers of Turkey and France who accompanied Michel from entering Gaza.