Independent Palestinian Legislator, head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, called on the international community to save the children in Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip as they are living under unjust Israeli siege and ongoing aggression. His statements came during the opening ceremony of tenth “Childhood and Development Festival” at the Practical Science College in Gaza on Sunday.

He stated that children in Gaza, %53 of the population in the coastal region, are facing difficult conditions, malnutrition, and that most of them have anemia due to the siege.

“%63 of the children in Gaza suffer from malnutrition, and anemia”, he stated, “%35 of the victims of the Israeli siege on Gaza are children”.

He called on international human rights groups and childhood organizations to aid the Palestinian children in every possible way especially since the war led to the death and serious injury of hundreds of children.

“This war increased the suffering, dozens of children became disabled”, El Khodary said, “they are steadfast, they want to continue their lives despite the challenges”.

The independent legislator further stated that several children are still imprisoned by Israel, and are facing torture and abuse, and added that the world must act to end this injustice and illegal policies practiced by Israel.