The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) reported that it has enough donations to prepare the first three solidarity ships of ‘Freedom Flotilla 2,’ a second humanitarian convoy for Gaza in the spirit of the flotilla that was raided and seized by Israel on Monday.Preparations are already underway to launch the second flotilla, said Dr. Arafat Madhi, the head of the ECESG .

He added that this flotilla would carry a larger cargo of humanitarian supplies than the first one.

Dr. Madhi feels the new flotilla will have international support, because “after the massacre carried out by the Israeli forces against the activists in international waters, more Arab, Islamic and European countries started calling for another flotilla, much bigger than the first one.”

He added that activists and human rights supporters will not be discouraged by Israeli violence, and that “despite the massacre carried out against them, and the Israeli arrogance, they will sail to Gaza again.”

The Brussels-based ECESG announced that Freedom Flotilla 2 is expected to sail in the coming weeks. The Campaign says that the flotilla manifests a “real international will to break this unjust and illegal Israeli siege on Gaza”.

Dr. Madhi said that senior Turkish government officials will likely be sailing with the Flotilla.

Israel violently attacked the Freedom Flotilla carrying 750 activists from 40 countries, including 44 European and Arab figures and parliamentarians. Dozens were killed and wounded in the attack.

Several activists reported that the Israeli army used live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets, clubs, and tasers.

The Flotilla carried more than 10,000 tons of medical and humanitarian supplies, wood and construction materials and school supplies. It also carried 100 mobile homes and 500 power chairs.

The European campaign is one of the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla.