The Israeli government stated Thursday that its opposes any international investigation into its violent and deadly attack against the Freedom Flotilla that was heading to Gaza, leading to the death on nine activists and dozens of injuries. Israeli officials claimed that the army started an internal investigations and that this investigation is credible.

Israeli Foreign Minister, Evigdor Lieberman, said that Israel will not accept any international investigation and will not cooperate in this regard, and added that most Israeli ministers oppose this investigation and believe that an internal investigation committee is sufficient.

Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonoth reported that Lieberman proposed forming a committee headed by a former Israeli High Court Justice, and also said Israel might accept having international observers.

The Israeli army and navy attacked the ships on Monday at dawn, killed nine nonviolent activists and wounded dozens.

Mark Regev, spokesperson of the Israeli government, claimed that Israel always conducts internal investigation after any attack that led to casualties, and said that such investigations are carried out in accordance to Israel standards.

After conducting its war on Gaza (December 28, 2008 – January 18 2009), Israel refused to cooperate with an international investigation committee headed by Judge Richard Goldstone and said it will conduct its own investigation.

Israel said that its investigation revealed that the army did not violate the international law, and acted within the codes of conduct.

The army killed 1,419 Palestinians, most of them civilians, women, elderly, children and infants, and bombarded homes, schools UN facilities, hospitals and educational facilities.