Egyptian Legislator, Dr. Hazim Farouq, stated Friday that an Egyptian humanitarian convoy will be heading to the Gaza Strip this coming Monday carrying construction materials. Dr. Farouq, who was among the activists of the Freedom Flotilla, stated that this convoy is coherent with the decision to the Arab League to break the siege and to open the Rafah Terminal leading to Gaza.

At a press conference in Cairo, Dr. Farouq said that the siege must be broken, and that several political parties in Egypt are participating in this convoy.

“The blood of the martyrs killed when Israel attacked the Freedom Flotilla will not be wasted,” he said. “It will be like a spring watering the tree of freedom until Palestine is free.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ibrahim al-Ja’fary, member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian bloc, slammed the Egyptian leadership for its week position in countering Israel’s aggression.