An extremist organization in New York, calling itself “The Pulsa Di Nura,” sent a letter to Arab member of Knesset Dr. Ahmad Tibi informing him that he has “180 days to live.” The letter threatened that his death “will be sudden and accompanied by terrible suffering and agony.” Arab MK El-Sane’ also received a death threat. Dr. Tibi filed a complaint to the Knesset’s “sergeant-at-arms” committee. Israeli Ynet News reported that the death threat was sent to the office of Dr. Tibi.

The letter addressed Dr. Tibi informing him that his “anti-Israel” and ‘anti—Zionist” activities had pushed the board to issue a “spell” against him, and went on to say that he has 180 days to live.

The death threat message was left of the mobile phone of Tibi’s assistant. The mobile phone is registered under the name of Dr. Tibi. It also stated that Dr. Tibi is a “dirty Arab”.

The organization went on to advise Dr. Tibi to prepare his will.

Dr. Tibi said that incitement against Arab members of Knesset is increasing, as such atmosphere is found in the streets and in the Knesset.

Tibi added that fundamentalist right-wing members of Knesset should be held accountable for their wave of violence against Arab members of Knesset, and should also be held accountable for any harm inflicted on him or any of his fellow MK’s.

He also said that fundamentalist members of Knesset are running what he called “a witch hunt against Arab MK’s”.

Furthermore, Arab member of Knesset, Talab El Sane’, received a similar letter but this time by fax.

“You are dead,” the letter reads. El Sane’ said that he blames “the fascist right in Israel”, and added that they try to gain political power from this crisis.