The German Federal Prosecution announced Saturday that a Mosad agent has been arrested in Poland for his suspected involvement in the flagrant assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Madbouh in Dubai last January.A spokesperson of the Federal Prosecution in Germany said that the Mosad agent is believed to have illegally obtained a German passport, and that he was arrested after Germany issues a warrant in this regard.

The Mosad is the Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations.
Yuri Brodsky was arrested earlier this month after landing at an airport in Warsaw, Poland.

He is believed to be in involved in the forming of the team of assassins who killed al-Madbouh at a Dubai Hotel on January 19.

The Authorities in Dubai held Israel responsible for the assassination and published a list containing the names of 26 persons carrying forged passports; 12 of them carried British passports, six Irish, four French, three Australians, and one German.

Israel objected the arrest and its embassy in Germany demanded Poland not to transfer the suspect to Germany.

The suspect obtained a German passport after proving that he resides in Cologne and after presenting a marriage certificate for his parents who “were persecuted by the Nazis during the holocaust’ according to his statement.

The German passport carries the name of Michael Bodenheimer, he is believed to be involved in the assassination of al-Madbouh.