Members of the Free Gaza Movement are collecting testimonies and evidence by contacting activists who were onboard the Turkish ship that was attacked by the Israeli military while heading to Gaza as part of the Freedom Flotilla humanitarian aid convoy.Member of Free Gaza Movement, Audrey Bomse, stated that testimonies were collected from the passengers who were kidnapped by the Israeli army, and that members of the group are collecting the necessary evidence to file the lawsuit.

The organizers of the Freedom Flotilla intend to file a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice in the Hague in order to bring Israel and the officials responsible for the deadly attack to justice.

This is happening while dozens of activists in Greece are also planning to file a similar lawsuit against Israeli officials responsible for the attack.

In an interview with Israel’s Ynet News, Bomse said that the lawsuit will be filed with the help of 12 lawyers from countries whose citizens were part of the Freedom Flotilla.

The lawyers started collecting evidence and even contacted officials from the United States and Britain demanding Israel to return all of the aid supplies it took from the ships.

The Ynet added that a personal appeal was delivered to U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Bomse said that Israel confiscated evidence, computers, and cell phones, and added that the lawsuit would include the illegal deportation of the activists, taking them hostage, damage caused to property and harm to civilians.

She added that Israeli soldiers even took credit cards that belong to some of the activists and used them.

In Greece, at least 30 citizens who were part of the Freedom Flotilla are also planning to file a lawsuit against Israel, mainly against Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, Israeli Army Chief of Staff, and other senior political and military leaders.

The officials are accused of committing war crimes and violating international law by ordering the armed and violent attack on the ships and by violently taking over the ships, violent arrests and confiscating personal property.

Professor Vangelis Pissias, one of the activists and passengers of the ships, stated that besides using excessive force and firing at the unarmed activists, Israeli soldiers confiscated property and bags and returned the bags empty.

The Professor told the Ynet that the activists are not rich, and that Israel sent him his laptop bag empty, without his laptop.

He added that Israeli officials must understand that they cannot act in violation to international law and must respect it.

Prof. Pissias further stated that the activists hope the siege on Gaza will be lifted, and that Israel will stop violating the basic rights of the residents in Gaza.

He said that activists and citizens of this world must work to get Israel change its policies and attitudes, and that the people have the power and the legitimacy to operate in different parts of the world and to work for peace and justice.