In an exclusive interview with Israel’s TV Channel One, conducted by Ella Hason Nesher, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that Israel is willing to free 1,000 Palestinian detainees under the condition that they are sent to Gaza or deported.Netanyahu also called for direct talks with the Palestinians and invited Abbas to visit Jerusalem. He also said that he is willing to visit Ramallah.

The Israeli Prime Minister appeared to be uncomfortable talking about the prisoner-of-war, Gilad Shalit, especially since the parents of Shalit rejected the justifications he presented regarded the failure of prisoner-swap talks.

“I met the family of Shalit, I met his father, mother and grandfather, I understand their demand regarding the release of their son”, Netanyahu stated, “Shalit has been in captivity since four years, his family was never able to visit him”.

He added that when he became the new Prime Minister, he stated clearly that he is willing to pay a high price to release Shalit but not at any cost.

“We previously stated that we cannot release detainees who conducted big terrorist attacks”, Netanyahu added, “We are willing to release detainees but not to the West Bank, possibly to Gaza, Tunisia or anywhere they want, but not to the West Bank”.