The Egyptian Authorities announced Tuesday evening that Egypt granted the Libyan aid ship heading to Gaza a green light to dock at the al- Arish Port as requested by the captain.Egyptian sources reported that the passengers and the humanitarian supplies will be will allowed into the Gaza Strip via the Rafah Border Terminal between Gaza and Egypt.

The permission came after the Israeli Navy contacted the ship and said that it will not be allowed to reach the Gaza Coast.

The captain then told the Navy that he will be changing his route, and will be heading to al- Arish Egyptian Port and not to the Gaza Strip.

The Libyan captain said that despite the fact that the activists wished to reach Gaza, they accepted his decision to head to al- Arish.

An Israeli Navy official confirmed that the ship is on its way to al- Arish but added that the Navy will keep monitoring the ship until it reaches Egyptian waters in order to make sure it does not sail to Gaza.