A group of Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank City of Hebron attacked on Friday a number of international peace activists in Al Bweira area, in al-Dahiya al-Sharqiyya.Local sources reported that three settlers stopped on Friday at noon a car transporting two international peace activists in al-Bweira area in Hebron and violently attacked him before stealing their official documents and cameras.

The settlers fled the scene while the wounded activists were moved to the al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron.

Medical sources told the Ma’an News Agency that two activists suffered concussions and bruises to several parts of their bodies. The activists are from Denmark and Canada.

In related news, a group of settlers attacked Susan Jamil Sultan, 51, inflicting injuries to her head, arms and various parts of her body; she lost consciousness and was moved to a local hospital.

One of the relatives of Sultan stated that the settlers stopped her car in al-Bweira area, and violently attacked her.