The Silwan neighborhood, which has been the site of an Israeli municipal plan to rid the neighborhood of its Palestinian residents, came under fire once again on Monday when Israeli forces invaded to abduct Palestinians that they claim took part in clashes with settlers last Thursday.In Thursday’s clashes, a group of Israeli settlers attempted to enter the al-Ein Mosque in the Silwan neighborhood, but locals tried to block them from entering the mosque. Israeli settlers have violently assaulted Palestinians in Silwan in recent months, and have taken over homes and businesses, removing the original owners.

According to local sources, Israeli troops invaded the neighborhood Monday morning, focusing on the Wad Hilwa and al-Bustan areas of the neighborhood. They abducted a brother and sister Su’ad and Jawad Abu Rumouz from al-Bustan, two brothers Fadi and Nur Siyam from Wad Hilwa, and the muezzin (prayer caller) of the al-Ein Mosque, Adam Simrin, age 68.

Fadi and Nur’s younger brother Hamza, 16, received a summons to come to the Israeli police station on Tuesday morning for questioning.

Israeli forces frequently invade the Silwan neighborhood, which has become a flashpoint in the Palestinian struggle against home demolitions and evictions. The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem last year revealed a plan to rid the neighborhood of its residents in order to establish a Biblical theme park for tourists on the site.