Palestinian detainees placed in solitary confinement at the Eshil Israeli detention facility declared, on Tuesday, a hunger strike in protest of the poor quality of the living conditions within the prison, including the food given to the inmates.Palestinian Detainee Committee issued a press release on Wednesday, stating that the prison administration is refusing to hand the detainees their meals by the time they break their Ramadan fasting and before they start their fast at dawn.

The Committee added that the Prison Administration only gives the detainees one meal two hours before sunset, and that the meals are of poor quality and insufficient.

It also stated that the detainees are facing constant harassment, and are not allowed to purchase their food from the prison canteen.

The Committee said that the detainees are threatening to start an open-ended hunger strike and that they voiced appeals to different human rights groups to intervene against the illegal measures and conducts of the prison administration and the soldiers.

The Committee further stated that the detainees are demanding their legitimate rights guaranteed under international law.