In a journalist conference held in Silwan tent on Wednesday, medics and lawyers reveled that Israeli army uses expired tear gas and sound bombs to suppress the demonstrations which happened in Jerusalem last week.They demanded the formation of an international committee in order to investigate the bombs kind used by the Israeli army in Jerusalem.

Fakhri Abu Diab, one of the members of Silwan’s Land and Property Defense Committee, highlighted the effects of these expired bombs, explaining that they causes vomiting, extreme fatigue and high temperature. Moreover, when demonstrators were moved to the hospital for treatment, poisoning was another major effect of the expired bombs.

Abu diab also stated: “We collected some of the bombs from the neighborhoods of Jerusalem to know their types, and we discovered that some of them have been expired for a year and the others for 6 months. Doctors said that the content of these bombs oxidized and causes bad effects on human beings and environment more than the original effect.”