On Wednesday afternoon, Israeli settlers cut down dozens of olive trees and looted the harvested fruits from villages of Yanoun and Hawwara near the city of Nablus.Ghassan Douglas, a Palestinian official in charge of the Israeli setter and settlement issues in Northern West Bank, said that settlers uprooted olive trees belonging to ‘Odeh’s family in the town of Hawwara, smashed and stole it’s fruits before leaving the village.

Douglas added, that settlers also picked olives from some 25 olive trees that belong to residents of Yanoun village, south-east of Nablus.

Douglas stated that at the beginning of every harvest season, settlers harvest Palestinian olive trees, uproot them, and prevent farmers from reaching their fields.

In another incident in the same area, a settler from ‘Yitzhar’ settlement stabbed a horse belonging to a citizen from the village of ‘Ein Yabus’.

The resident was riding his horse on his way to harvest his own olive trees.