The Israeli military arrested or attached several citizens in towns south of Hebron..On Wednesday morning Israeli soldiers arrested Iyad Al-Yamani, 27, from the town of Yatta, south of Hebron, and seized a vehicle belonging to his father.

Palestinian security sources reported that the army violently attacked two youths near Tuwani. The kidnapped youths were identified as Mohammad Makhamra, 20, and Hijazi Al-Nawaj’a,18. They were moved to a local hospital for treatment after sustaining several cuts and bruises.

Soldiers detained resident Mohammad Al-Makhamra, 23, for four hours without any justification and invaded the town of Al Thahiriyya where they searched several homes.

In related news the Israeli army released Sajeda Al-Awawda, wife of political detainee Ali Abu Hashem. She had been arrested on Tuesday from Hebron University.