Zaher Beerawy, spokesperson of the Viva Palestina 5 solidarity convoy stated that the flotilla will likely leave the Syrian port of al-Lathiqiyya on Sunday instead of Friday, the originally planned sailing date. Egyptian sources stated that Cairo will likely allow the convoy through but without British MP George Galloway.The flotilla would be heading to the Egyptian port of al-Arish, Beerawy stated, and added that the reason behind the delay is the ongoing coordination to secure the two ships that would transport the activists and the humanitarian supplies. He added that flying from Syria to Egypt is still an option.

Egypt still insists on preventing British MP, George Galloway, from entering its territories, as he along with the activists who were with the 3rd Viva Palestina convoy were prevented from entering Gaza after reaching its border. He was also forced out of the country.

But, Beerawy stated that , so far, Egypt did not present any new and official list of persons who will not be allowed into the country.

He urged the Egyptian Authorities to allow Galloway to accompany the flotilla and added that denying him entry will cause tension between Cairo an human rights groups working for breaking the Israeli siege on Gaza.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian Authorities announced that vehicles being transported to Gaza, and certain convoy members will not be allowed through.

Yet, over a week ago, Egypt promised to facilitate the entry of the convoy into Egypt, and that Cairo is interested in insuring that humanitarian supplies make it into the besieged coastal region.

Accompanying aid supplies and activists earlier in January this year, George Galloway, was forced into a an Egyptian police van and was deported from the country.

This happened just two days after an Egyptian soldier was killed by a round fired during clashes with Palestinians who gathered on the Palestinian side of the border to welcome the aid convoy.

Egypt said that the gunshot was fired from the Palestinian side when Egyptian border policemen traded fired reportedly with Palestinian gunmen.

The issue caused further tension between the Hamas movement and Egypt, while the movement said that all investigations revealed that the Egyptian soldiers was accidentally shot dead by a fellow soldier.

But Egypt declared Galloway as a persona non grata and informed him that he will never be allowed to step on Egyptian soil again.

The convoy was carrying more than 100 trucks filled with aid supplies.

It is worth mentioning that the official spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, stated that Egypt intends to inform the convoy organizers that they will be allowed to enter the al-Arish Port, but also stated that the Egyptian stance regarding Galloway has not changed.