The Israeli Walla News Website published, on Sunday, several pictures by Israeli soldiers on Facebook showing “memories” while humiliating Palestinians during the war on Gaza.
The Website said that the pictures show Palestinian detainees in degrading positions as the soldiers posed next to them.

The pictures were taken inside Palestinian homes that were broken into by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

One of the pictures shows two soldiers pointing their guns at the head of a bound and blindfolded Palestinian, another picture shows a soldiers writing “We will be back” and drawing the star of David at the wall of a Palestinian home.

A third picture shows a soldier carrying his gun near a Palestinian woman inside her kitchen.

A spokesperson for the Israeli army stated that the soldier said that ‘he is sorry’ because the Break the Silence Israeli group “continues to leak such pictures to the media instead of filing complaints to the army”.

He claimed that the Military Police will investigate the incidents and will submit its findings to the Military Prosecutors’ Office.

Several days ago, the Israeli army decided to ban the soldiers and officers from using social network sites in military bases.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail were blocked in these bases not because the soldiers are publishing photos of abuse of Palestinians, but because the army of the military bases in question “have classified materials on their computers.”

This past August, photos of an Israeli female soldier posing in front of Palestinian detainees were posted on Facebook, were met with anger by Palestinians.

The photos were posted by Eden Abergil, a young Israeli woman who finished her military service over a year ago. They show the uniformed officer smiling and posing next to bound and blindfolded Palestinian men.

Abergil’s album that was posted on Facebook was titled ‘IDF…The best time of my life :)’.
The image of the soldier posing in front of the handcuffed and blind folded Palestinians was compared to those of American soldiers posing in front of Iraqi prisoners being tortured in Abu Ghreib prison in Iraq few years ago.

When asked by a CNN host about this comparison, the former Israeli commando and author of a book Brotherhood of Warriors, Aaron Cohen said, what you see are “Palestinians who are handcuffed, sitting down and not stacked up on top of each other.”