The Hamas movement issued a press release slamming the kidnapping of the secretary-general of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Mahmoud al-Ramahi, and stated that, by the ongoing arrests and the abduction of elected officials, Israel is seeking the failure of internal Palestinian unity talks.Al-Ramahi was abducted by Israeli soldiers who surrounded his home in al-Biereh, near Ramallah, and broke into it before abducting him and taking him to an unknown destination.

Hamas said that Israel’s policy of kidnapping elected legislators and officials has proven its failure as it only led to increasing support to the abducted officials.

It added that the arrest of al-Ramahi come amidst internal Palestinian unity talks held in Damascus, and accused Israel of seeking the failure of unity talks between the Fatah and Hamas movements.

Elected officials and legislators of the Hamas movement slammed the arrest of Ramahi, and the ongoing Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people and their elected officials.

They called on the International Community to intervene and stop the Israeli attacks and violations to ensure the release of all officials, and to void the Israeli decision that aims at deporting elected legislators from Jerusalem.

The officials called on the Palestinian people to unite and to resist the Israeli violations against them and against their lands.