A website that placed pictures, names and personal information of some 200 Israeli soldiers, topped by Israeli Army Chief of Staff, all dubbed by the publisher as war criminals, was removed on Thursday. The website apparently originated in Britain and listed the personal details of soldiers who reportedly committed war crimes during the Israeli Cast Lead offensive against the Gaza Strip in December 2008.

Israeli Army Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, topped the list of “war criminals” as he directed the soldiers during the offensive, the publisher stated on the website.

According to Israeli daily, Haaretz, the site publisher declared that the focus of the site is to target those soldiers and officials on the personal level for their involvement in war crimes.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Radio reported that most of the information about the soldiers was likely collected from social websites, such as Facebook and twitter.

Several Israeli soldiers “brag” about their operations in the occupied territories, and even publish their personal pictures taken while operating in the occupied territories, and while humiliating Palestinians.

This past August, photos of an Israeli female soldier posing in front of Palestinian detainees were posted on Facebook.

The photos were posted by Eden Abergil, a young Israeli woman who finished her military service over a year ago. They show the uniformed officer smiling and posing next to bound and blindfolded Palestinian men.


Israeli Soldiers Continue Their Facebook Displays