Angered by the Israeli army for demolishing, on Monday, four homes at the Gilad illegal settlement outpost near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, Israeli settlers carried out several attacks against the Palestinians, and vowed further attacks in coming days.The settlers started rioting after the army demolished four homes in the illegal Gilad outpost, and announced that the Palestinians “will pay a high price” for the evacuations.

They said that they marked down several Palestinians targets, and that they might also conduct attacks against mosques in the Nablus area.

Settler leaders said that the army’s “use of violence against them will have direct effects against the Palestinians who will pay the heavy price for that”.

Israeli Ynet News reported that the settlers vowed that what happened on Monday will not just pass, and that the coming days will prove that the Israeli army’s use of force against them will result in attacks against the Palestinians.

The settlers blame the Palestinians for any evacuation of illegal outposts, while a number of Facebook settler groups called for “retaliation against the Palestinians”.

Following the removal of some illegal structure at the Gilad outpost, the settlers conducted several attacks against the indigenous Palestinians in the area.