On Thursday morning, the Israeli military abducted two Palestinians and erected multiple checkpoints in the northern West Bank city of Jenin.Security Sources reported to the Wafa News Agency that the Israeli soldiers abducted Nabil Abu Saifayn, 63 years old, after invading his house in al-Far’a Refugee Camp in Jenin.

The Israeli army abducted a Palestinian at the military checkpoints erected near the town of ‘Araba, south Hebron, whose identity is not yet known.

The source added that the Israeli army erected four military checkpoints on Jenin streets leading to Nablus, at the entrance of ‘Anza village, in the towns of ‘Araba and Ya’bod, south Jenin, and at the entrance of Ta’nak Village, west Jenin.

Furthermore, the Israeli soldiers, who were carrying a list of ‘wanted’ Palestinians, conducted inspections of Palestinians citizens and checked the identities of passengers.