Dozens of Palestinian children in the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip sent letters to Japanese children to express solidarity with them after the massive earthquake that hit Japan and the Tsunami that followed, the Palestine News Network (PNN), reported.More than 100 children of the Nuwwar Educational Center gathered on Thursday at the yard of the center carrying Japanese flags, drawings and leaflets that express solidarity with the children of Japan.

Nour Barbakh, 11, said that she and the other children gathered to send a message of love to the children of Japan, and expressing wishes for their safety and prosperity.

Haya Al Qassas, 12, stated that Japan showed a great deal of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and that today, the children of Gaza are sad for what happened in Japan, and wanted to express solidarity and support to the children of Japan.

Amaal Khdeir, head of the Nuwwar Center, said that this act of solidarity is a message of love from the children of Gaza who lived through several wars and suffer constant Israeli military violations and wars.

“Despite the harsh conditions, and the suffering, the children of Gaza wanted to show solidarity with Japan”, Khdeir stated, “they challenged the suffering, they showed their patients and determination, and came out to send this message to the children of Japan”.

The campaign also included sending emails to children in Japan informing them that the children of Gaza suffer when the children of Japan suffer, and that “despite suffering constant Israeli violations, bombardment and attacks, despite the siege and internal divisions, the children of Gaza wanted to send their message of solidarity”.