On Thursday evening, and while Peace Now General Director, Yariv Oppenheimer, was waiting at the prep room at the Israeli TV, Channel 1, preparing to be interviewed by the Israeli national news show, he was approached by another panelist, right wing figure, Dr. Mor Altshuler, who slapped him in the face, Peace Now Movement reported.The movement added that the panel was supposed to be about the latest Wikileaks revelations, including the revelation that Peace Now provides settlement briefings to both the Israeli Defense Ministry, and the American administration.

Peace Now said that Dr. Mor attacked Oppenheimer without any provocation, while shouting at him and accusing him of sending left wing activists to interview her at her house.

After being attacked by Dr. Mor, Oppenheimer left the room immediately, and refused to continue the into the studios until the Israeli police was called.

The movement said that the TV station cancelled Dr. Mor’s appearance on the show, and its staff provided the police witness accounts.

In response to the incident, Dr. Mor claimed that “it was only a slap”, and that this slap was in response to something that happened years ago when, according to her, Peace Now activists tried to interview her without identifying themselves, Peace Now said.

Oppenheimer said that there is no such thing as “just a slap”, the same way as there is no such thing as “just a touch in sexual harassment incidents”.
“Violence is violence”, Peace Now Director said, “Violence has no place common and decent civil and political discussion and debates”.