Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Thursday evening that a Palestinian farmer was shot and wounded by Israeli army fire, north of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The 45-year-old farmer suffered moderate wounds in his abdomen, and was moved to a local hospital for treatment.

The Israeli army considers all border areas in the Gaza Strip as “closed military zones” and prevents the farmers from working in their own lands.

The latest attack is one of dozens of similar attacks that leads to several casualties among the farmers, and among workers who collect scrap metal and rubble from homes and buildings bombarded by the army.

The residents collect scrap metal and rubble in an attempt to recycle the material and reuse them in constructions, as construction materials are not allowed into Gaza due to the illegal Israeli siege on the coastal region.

Over 300 patients have died since the siege began due to a lack of essential medical equipment, and having been denied exit passes by the Israeli government to receive treatment outside of Gaza.