Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, warned on Thursday evening that dangerous and harsh consequences could take place should the United States obstruct Palestinian efforts to declare statehood at the United Nations in September this year. During talks with French leaders in Paris, Abbas said that it is illogical for the US to obstruct the declaration, adding that the White House supports a certain formula to end Middle East conflict, by establishing a state that live in peace with Israel.

During an interview with France 24 channel, Abbas said that the Palestinians have information that the US is willing to recognize an independent state.

The Palestinian President expressed optimism that the declaration will be widely supported despite the concrete promises from different countries.

He said that most countries seem to be waiting for the right moment to recognize a Palestinian State, and added that the Palestinian are also waiting for this moment.

As for peace talks with Israel, Abbas said that talks cannot and will not be held while Israel is ongoing with its illegal settlement activities and its violations against the Palestinian people.

The president warned of dire consequences should the United Nations reject Palestinian statehood demands, and added that, should this happen, he does not know what will the next step be, but knows that the step could be harsh and dangerous.

Yet, Abbas said that he does not wish for a third Intifada to take place in Palestine.

According to Reuters, sources at the office of French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, hinted that he granted Abbas “a clear support to Palestinian statehood”.