Palestinian medical sources reported Saturday at night that a Palestinian youth was killed by Israel army fire, east of Al Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza. The sources added that medics located the body of Ibrahim Mohammad Farajallah, 17, from Al Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, near the border fence area.

Local sources reported that soldiers opened fire on Farajallah as he was near the border fence in Al Boreij refugee camp, and that he died of his wounds before Palestinian medics managed to reach the area.

The Israeli army claimed that troops “spotted the youth crawling towards the security fence, east of the Al Boreij refugee camp, and opened fire at him”.

Eyewitnesses said that the army opened automatic fire at the border area before the youth was shot dead.

The Israeli army prevents the Palestinians, including medics and civil defense teams, from approaching the “border fence” area and opens fire, without a warning, at any person who approaches the border, an issued that led to dozens of casualties. Among the casualties were farmers trying to work in their own lands.