Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar has confirmed that talks aimed at establishing a unity government between Fatah and Hamas have stalled due to the appointment of a interim Prime Minister in comments to Jordanian paper ad-Dustour.
Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Zahar confirmed on Monday that talks with Fatah had hit a dead end. Al-Zahar claimed that ‘after we [Fatah and Hamas] signed the agreement, Fatah on the ground worked against it’.

Another Hamas official, Khalil Hayya, reaffirmed on Tuesday that Hamas would not accept Fatah’s Sallem Fayyed as Prime Minister. Hamas claim Fayyed collaborated with Israel to impose the siege on Gaza. Fatah claim Fayyed is the only one who can avoid the PA’s isolation among the international security and secure continued international aid.

The agreement to form a unity governemnt was signed over two months ago by rival factions Fatah and Hamas. The unity agreement was seen as an essential aspect of going to the UN in September to apply for Palestinian statehood.

Fatah confirmed again on Tuesday that it would be going ahead with the bid. It is unclear what effect a failure to reach agreement between the two sides might have on Septembers UN bid.