A group of Israeli settlers attacked a convoy of vehicles carrying Palestinian Authority security officers, including a senior official, in the northern West Bank on Wednesday.The attack took place near Shilo settlement between the Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Tulkarem, just two days after Israeli troops removed an illegal settlement outpost outside Shilo.

When the outpost was removed on Monday, Palestinian officials warned the civilian population of the northern West Bank to take extra precautions on the road that passes near the Israeli settlement of Shilo, in case there were any revenge attacks.

Wednesday’s incident appears to be just such a ‘revenge attack’, according to Palestinian officials. During the attack, settlers hiding out near the road began pelting the vehicles with rocks and then shooting live ammunition, injuring one Palestinian security officer, identified as Suleiman Abed Rabbo.

Incidents of violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians have increased significantly over the last two weeks, and have included mosque burnings, attacks on churches, shooting at Palestinians, the attempted takeover on an Israeli military base and many acts of vandalism of Palestinian buildings and vehicles.

The senior Palestinian security officer for the Tulkarem district, who was part of the convoy that was attacked by settlers, said that he filed a complaint with the Israeli military officers charged with overseeing the area.