The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, demanded on Sunday the removal of the Israeli occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, considering that the continuing of the Israeli occupation blocks the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, the Maan News Agency reported Sunday afternoon. Ki-Moon statement came on Sunday in the Lebanese capital of Beirut as he delivered a speech before the International Conference on Reform and Transition to Democracy, according to the Hebrew “Richet Beit” broadcast website.

He stated that the Israeli occupation is an obstacle towards establishing a Palestinian state, calling for the halting of all Israeli settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, considering that both “old & new” Israeli settlements are illegal.

The UN chief further said that the two-State Solution is long-awaited and the status quo would inevitably lead to another Israeli-Palestinian conflict in due course. “It is our duty getting out of this current impasse and bringing in a lasting peace,” he pointed out.

The UN Chief is paying a visit to the Lebanese capital of Beirut, attending the UN International Conference on Reform and Transitions to Democracy. The three-day meeting is discussing how to transition Arab countries to democracy or reform regarding the ongoing Arab Spring.