The Miles of Smiles 11 solidarity convoy made it into the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening after the Egyptian border control at the Rafah Border Terminal granted it the green light.The humanitarian convoy, and it 71 peace activists from several Arab and international countries, including Britain, South Arica, Jordan and Egypt, managed to cross into Rafah, in the southern party of the Gaza Strip.

Several physicians and surgeons, accompanying the solidarity convoy, will be performing surgeries in Gaza.

Convoy organizers stated that they will be delivering some medical supplies, but will focus their visit on cultural exchange between the youth in the besieged coastal region and youth in a number of European countries.

Miles of Smiles 10 humanitarian convoy managed to enter the Gaza Strip on Saturday, March 10, via the Rafah border terminal carrying humanitarian supplies. Miles of Smiles 9 made it into Gaza on February 6.

The first Miles of Smiles convoy made it into the Gaza Strip in mid-November 2009, after being stranded at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Border Terminal for 25 days. All Miles of Smiles convoy managed to enter Gaza despite numerous obstacles and delays.