The Palestinian News Network reported that the Knesset will be discussing today the agreement of the Kadima opposition party to join the Likud-led governent Coalition.The President of the Israeli Knesset, Reuven Rivlin, has indicated that he fears that recent political developments will prejudice the role of the Knesset because of the change in the balance of power between the coalition and the opposition.

The Palestinian National Democratic Assembly in a statement released on Tuesday called for Palestinian unity to confront Israeli policies, and stated that the accession of the Kadima party led by Mofaz to the Likud-led government will strengthen the right and allow it to fully control the Knesset to implement its racist agenda.

The statement continued that the Kadima Party had been supportive of Coalition policies, had helped to pass racist laws, and had contributed effectively to the vicious attack on the National Democratic Assembly. It went on to state that Kadima had never believed in the rights of Palestinians on either side of the Green Line. Even so Kadima now entering the coalition government officially is a retrograde step.