Iranian Minister of Defence, Ahmad Wahidi, said Iran will destroy the Israeli army if Israel launches any strike against the Iranian nuclear plant.He added that the Israeli talk about war indicates weakness saying that threats of a strike against Iran is all part of a psychological warfare.

Wahidi said the Israeli military could not defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza adding that Israel does not know the military capabilities of Iran.

In the meantime, hundreds of Israelis rushed to gas mask distribution centers following the escalation of threats by Israeli leaders, especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ihud Barak, despite the numerous calls by senior Israeli security officers against striking Iran.

Israeli sources said at least nine thousand people called the distribution centers enquiring about preparations they shoulf take in case of war with Iran which caused some damage to the phone network, and around 600 arrived to the center and pre-ordered tear gas masks. The sources said that on a normal day the number does not exceed 150.

Israel has already distributed more than 4.2 million gas masks to the residents, and still short around 1 million masks due to financial limitations.