Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported Wednesday that one resident was killed and two were wounded when a siege-busting tunnel, on the border in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, collapsed on them.The youth was identified as Suleiman Ramadan Al-Masri, 20; the two wounded residents suffered moderate injuries, one of them was moved to Abu Yousef An-Najjar Hospital, while the second resident was moved to the European Hospital.

Last Saturday, a Palestinian identified as Mohammad Ramadan Abu Arana was killed in a similar tunnel collapse accident in As-Salaam neighborhood in Rafah.

Earlier this month, a Palestinian was killed and another resident was wounded also in a tunnel accident, south of Rafah.

It is worth mentioning that around 205 Palestinians have been killed in similar tunnel incidents, while hundreds have been injured since 2006.

The Palestinians started digging tunnels and after Israel enforced its deadly siege on the coastal region.

The siege has left Gazan hospitals out of basic and specialized supplies and equipment, an issue that has led to the death of more than 400 patients, including infants and children.