Tuesday evening, April 30 2013, a number of Israeli tanks, and several armored vehicles, invaded the Al-Aqaba village, north of the central West Bank city of Tubas, and kidnapped one Palestinian. The invasion caused massive destruction to property and infrastructure.Head of the Al-Aqaba village council, Sami Sadeq, told the Maan News Agency that the invasion caused massive destruction to roads, property and farmlands, and added that the soldiers kidnapped one youth identified as Jihad Abdul-Karim, 23.

The invasion comes in direct violation of a ruling made by the Israeli Supreme Court ordering the army not to use tanks and military vehicles that have treads when entering the village due to the massive destruction they make just by driving through.

The Al-Aqaba village is classified as Area C in the West Bank, and there is a large Israeli military base east of the village where the army conducts frequent drills that pose threat on the lives of the residents.

More than %60 of the occupied West Bank is considered Area C where the Israeli military and police have full control on every aspect of life, including water, planning and construction, and security.

Last year, Israel demolished 540 Palestinian homes and structures in Area C, leading to the displacement of more than 815 person, mainly children. The army claimed that the buildings have been constructed without permits.