Tuesday May 4 2013; the Arabs48 News Website has reported that a number of extremist Israelis attacked the Um Al-Qataf village, in Wadi ‘Ara area, torched three Palestinian cars and wrote racist graffiti against the Arabs.The burnt cars were parked in the yard of a local mosque in the village; local residents denounced the attack, and said that extremist fundamentalist Israelis are behind the latest assault.

The Arabs48 quoted Elan Sadeh, head of the Menashe Regional Council in the area, stating that the graffiti on the mosque indicate that the assailants are Jewish extremists.

Menashe denounced the attack and called on the police to investigate it, and apprehend the assailants.
An Israeli Police spokesperson stated that the settlers did not only write racist anti-Arab graffiti, but also drew the Star of David on some walls.

Um Al-Qataf is located in the Northern Triangle area, 45 kilometers south of Haifa.