Israeli soldiers uprooted, on Monday, more than four Dunams (0.98 Acres) of agricultural lands in Al-Baq’a village, east of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.Ata’ Jaber, a local farmer, told the Palestinian New & Info Agency (WAFA) that the army uprooted and bulldozed the lands, and destroyed irrigation systems.

Jaber added that the lands were planted with tomato seedlings, beans, and zucchinis, and are nearly 500 meters away from the Kharseena illegal Israeli settlement.

He further stated that several soldiers and extremist settlers constantly attack the residents and their lands, and that the settlers repeatedly destroy irrigation systems, while in many cases the army illegally confiscates irrigation systems and agricultural materials.

“Dozens of families make a living by planting their lands and selling their produce”. Jaber said, “The village lacks basic services, including sufficient water supplies, infrastructure, health services, and is under constant attack by soldiers and settlers”.