Thursday evening, May 30 2013, a number of extremist Israeli settlers broke into the home of a Palestinian family in Shu’fat, in occupied East Jerusalem, and attacked family members while attempting to occupy their home.Approximately 10 settlers broke into a four-story residential building that belongs to Jaber Palestinian family, and claimed that “they came to help a Jewish-Israeli tenant”, the Radio Bethlehem 2000 has reported.

Nida’ Al-Ja’bary, a family member, stated that the building in owned by her father, Mohammad Yousef Jaber.

She said that, starting in 1967 after Israel occupied East Jerusalem; a Jewish man rented an apartment in the building as a “protected tenant”. (Cannot be evicted by the owner except under limited circumstances).

The Jewish renter died of old age last year, but his housekeeper stayed in the apartment and refused to leave. The family then hired an attorney who started legal measures in an attempt to evict her.

She contacted settlers, apparently related to her, and asked them “to help her remain in the apartment”, the Radio Bethlehem 2000 said.

Later on, around 10 settlers arrived at the building and tried to move into the apartment, but the family and local residents of Shu’fat forced the settlers out.

Family members said that the settlers attacked them, and added that they fear the settlers will return to try to occupy the building; the tenant remained in the apartment.