Sunday June 2 2013, The Israeli Prison Authority forced a hunger striking detainee into solitary confinement as he stopped drinking water after two weeks on ongoing hunger strike. The Waed Society for Detainees and Ex-Detainees has reported that the army placed Eyad Abu Khdeir, 38, in solitary confinement at the Negev prison after he decided to stop drinking water, or any sort of liquid.

Abdullah Qandeel, spokesperson of the Waed society, stated that the detainee started his hunger strike after Israeli refused to release him despite the fact he was supposed to be released nearly two months ago.

Qandeel added that Israel “offered” to release him and force him into exile, but he rejected the offer and said that his continued imprisonment is illegal, and that should be released without preconditions.

Abu Khdeir resided in Jordan in 1999 when he returned to the Gaza Strip and filed a family reunification application so that he can live with his family, but Israel denied his application.

The Israeli army kidnapped Abu Khdeir on April 12 2005, Israel claimed that he is a member of the Islamic Jihad movement; he was then sentenced to eight years imprisonment and was supposed to be release last April.

But when her served his 8-year sentence, Israel refused to release him to the Palestinian territories, whether to Gaza or the West Bank under the pretext that he does not hold a Palestinian ID card, or any sort of residency.