Family of Younis Ahmad Radayda, who was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers on Thursday, stated that he did not intend to harm any soldiers or person, and that he accidentally drove into the military base.Younis was killed on Thursday evening when Israeli soldiers stationed at a military base close to the Qalandia terminal, north of occupied Jerusalem, opened fire at him after he allegedly drove into the base with the intent to attack them.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, has reported that Mohammad Radayda, the uncle of Younis, said that his nephew never intended to attack the base, and that the Israeli claims are fabrications, the Arabs48 News Website has reported.

He said, in 2009, soldiers killed Mer’ey, the brother of Younis, “after accusing him of attacking Israelis with his bulldozer in occupied Jerusalem.” Two Israeli police officers were injured in the incident before some police officers shot him dead.

The uncle added that Younis had to ideological motive for the attack, and added that he is married, and a father of four children.

“He was working hard to feed his children, and provide them with everything they needed”, Mohammad said, “Younis must have lost control over his bulldozer, and accidentally entered the military base”.

“The soldiers just considered him a terrorist because he is an Arab, they decided to shoot and kill him”, Mohammad added, “If he survived the shooting, he would have told him that he did not intend to hurt anybody, but now he is dead, and Israel labeled him as a dead terrorist”.

Furthermore, Radayda denied reports stating that his family received Israeli orders informing them that the army intends to demolish the home of Younis, adding that Younis and his family do not own property, and live in a rented residence.