[Saturday January 4, 2014] A group of youngsters from Gaza began, on Saturday morning, a day of hunger in solidarity with Palestinian refugees in Syria, under the slogan ‘On Hunger Strike for Them’.The event took the form of a sit-in, held in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross’s main office in Gaza City, reports Al Ray Palestinian news agency.

A few dozen of children participated in the event. They carried with them a small wooden coffin bearing the names of children killed by drowning, starving and bombing.

A spokesman for the Palestinian Youth Initiative which organized the sit-in, Mustafa Matar, told Al Ray: “We, like all Gaza people ,say to our families in Syria that we are with you, and stand for you, hold tight your hands in solidarity, and won’t relent in our support with all what we have in hand.”

“Syria’s Palestinians need not only denouncing positions but alive consciences to move for them”, he said.

He called on Palestinian youth to join in the initiative, in preparation for a number of field activities to be carried out in the coming few days, aimed at fund-raising for the besieged Palestinians in Syria.

In a statement to an Al Ray reporter, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, who attended the sit-in, stressed the need to disengage the Palestinian refugees from the war in Syria: ‘They are just guests, not part of the conflict there.’

According to wiki, 235,000 Palestinians have been displaced in Syria itself and 60,000, alongside 2.2 million Syrians, have fled the country as of October, 2013, as a result of the Syrian civil war.