Israeli forces handed out 12 demolition orders, this Thursday, to Palestinians residing in the village of Sa’ir, in the southern al-Khalil hills close to Hebron.The Israeli military has closed the village and given the residents one month to file a complaint before carrying out the demolitions, the Palestinian News Network (PNN) has reported.

This week, Israeli forces demolished dozens of Palestinian homes in the Jordan Valley, leaving villagers without shelter in the winter cold.

All human rights aid, including shelter that was handed out to the Palestinians, has been seized.

In related news, the PNN reports that the Israeli municipality plans to demolish the Palestinian neighborhood al-Mahatta, in Haifa, according to the Electronic Intifada. 160 people from more than 30 families are facing eviction, all of them carrying Israeli citizenship.

The program to demolish the al-Mahatta is part of an national plan to develop the coastal areas in Israel.The neighborhood will be replaced by nightclubs, restaurants, an expansion of the railway and new housing units.