Four Israeli artillery vehicles crossed briefly, on Friday evening, into the Shuhada Cemetery lying east of Jabalya, in the northern Gaza Strip.A reporter from Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency said that “four vehicles moved 150 meters into the bordering cemetery amid heavy flying of helicopters over Sodaniya district in Beit Hanon town.”

Israeli forces stationed north of Beit Lahia town fired towards Palestinian land and homes in Abu Samra border area, earlier on Friday. No injuries were reported.

In related news, medics said that two Palestinians were injured by Israeli fire while participating in weekly demonstrations with the “Intifada Youth Coalition”, near the border, while scores suffered tear gas inhalation.

The rallying activists managed to fix Palestine flags on the border fence and plant 70 olive trees on the buffer zone, after being showered with live bullets tear and gas bombs by Israeli forces.

The protestors demanded removal of the unjust blockade on farmers in the West Bank and Gaza, and curbing Israel from land grabbing in light of internal problems in the Arab community.

The occupation forces removed the flags after the demonstration dispersed.

Furthermore, Al Ray reports that Israel has been testing the Gaza waters by launching airstrikes on military sites of Palestinian resistance movements, inflicting injuries only among civilians.

On Thursday, Israeli warplanes raided three uninhabited sites in Gaza City and the central Gaza Strip, mildly injuring a woman and four of her children.

While Israeli military recently threatened with escalations if rockets from Gaza didn’t stop, the Palestinian government in Gaza says that Israel is using the rockets as a pretext to justify its targeting of unarmed people.

Hamas says that it is committed to the Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement with Israel, signed in the wake of Israel’s November 2012 offensive in Gaza, and that the recent projections of rockets are individual acts arising out of the suffocating Israeli/Egyptian blockade.