The Prisoners’ Club Society said, Tuesday, that Israeli occupation forces, armed with tear gas and batons, raided Cell 10 of Section 1, in Jalbou’ prison, after forcing the prisoners out.The raid lasted for four hours, during which prisoners’ properties and belongings were destroyed, Al Ray Palestinian News Agency has reported.

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners are held in dozens of Israeli prisons which witness repeated attacks and raids by Israeli forces who smash and seize their belongings.

There are an estimated 6,800 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel, 10 of which are members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

In related news, Palestinian prisoner Ibrahim Hamed will start an open-ended hunger strike, next Thursday, if the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) does not end his solitary confinement, according to Ahrar Waladna Center.

Director of the center Ahmed Abu Taha told Al Ray, “Hamed’s isolation is due to end next Wednesday, according to a deal signed between the Palestinian prisoners’ leadership and the IPS.”

Two days ago, the leadership of the Palestinian prisoners affiliated to Hamas threatened to intensify escalation inside prison in case the IPS goes back on the promise to end Hamed’s solitary confinement after three months, he pointed out.

Abu Taha said that the number of prisoners who will launch hunger strike has still not been announced. Moreover, the prisoners’ movement is studying other options.

Through their strike, the prisoners will demand the end of Dirar Abu Sisi’s solitary confinement which started in 2011, he added, pointing out that there was a deal to end his isolation at the end of April or, at least, the beginning of next May.

Abu Hamed has been confined since 2006, and sentenced to 54 life sentences. He was put in solitary confinement in Ukli kedar prison for nearly three months.