[Thursday, April 10, 2014] The Israeli Police ordered seven Palestinians away from the al-Aqsa Mosque, in occupied Jerusalem, for seven days, in exchange for their release. The seven were kidnapped earlier on Thursday.The Ma’an News Agency has reported that the police kidnapped the seven Palestinians, earlier on Thursday morning, and released them later on under the condition that they stay away from al-Aqsa Mosque until April 27, 2014.

The seven were taken prisoner from their homes and work places, and were moved to a local police station in the occupied Palestinian city. One of them is ‘Ala’ Abu Shkheidem, head of the local High School for Orphans in the city.

The remaining Palestinians have been identified as Mousa al-Hallaq, Abdullah Sinjelawy, Wisam Hammouda, Mohammad Teryaqy, Ziad Abu Hadwan and Hamza Mehles.

The latest developments are part of an Israeli campaign targeting several Palestinians from the occupied city, and included various arrests and similar orders forcing them away from the al-Aqsa Mosque area, especially during the Jewish Pesach, Ma’an said.

In related news, the Palestine Branch of the “Defense For Children International” DCI, has reported that the Jerusalem District Court ordered the release of Mohammad Nour Qneiby, 17, and forced him under house arrest for three days, besides ordering the family to pay a NIS2500 fine.

The child was taken prisoner three days ago; the police believes Qneiby burnt an Israeli car.