Several agreements to enhance mutual cooperation between Palestine and Jordan were signed, Wednesday, at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah.WAFA reports that Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamadalla, and his Jordanian counterpart, Abdullah Ensour, discussed bilateral relations and ways to enhance mutual cooperation in various fields.
They chaired the fourth session of the Joint Palestinian-Jordanian Higher Committee and signed its minutes of meeting in the presence of President Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian government ministers and their Jordanian counterparts signed several memorandums of understanding, executive programs and protocols of cooperation in the economic, agricultural, health, defense and metrology fields.

Ensour stated that his country would always support the Palestinian people and considered holding the Joint Palestinian-Jordanian Committee’s session in Ramallah, as testifying to this support.

He added that his country supports the Palestinian Authority’s quest to establish the sovereign and independent Palestinian state within well-defined boundaries and territories, in line with relevant UN resolutions.

Commenting on recent reconciliation talks in Gaza, Ensour expressed his support for them and called upon the Palestinian leadership to unite its people.

He considered the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip as a violation of international law and other humanitarian standards.

Commenting on Palestinian Israeli negotiations teetering on the brink of collapse, he noted that his country is kept abreast of latest developments.

Regarding Jerusalem, Ensour noted that his country recognizes East Jerusalem as a Palestinian territory under occupation, as well as the Palestinian state’s full sovereignty over it.

Hamadalla thanked Ensour for his country’s leading role in offering political and financial support for the Palestinian people and hosting Palestinian refugees.

He called upon the Jordanian Premier to reinforce his country’s role to protect Jerusalem against Israeli attempts to Judaize it and to change its demographic status.

He stated that the joint agreements “would enhance trade between Palestine and Jordan, which is currently around $100 million, and increase investments, especially as a double taxation avoidance agreement was signed between the two countries.”