The Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom reported, on Wednesday, that the French government has halted the transfer of donations worth €3,000 to an Israeli association operating in the Gilo settlement, in occupied Jerusalem.According to the newspaper, the Middle East Monitor reports, French parliamentarian Meyer Habib, who was elected to a seat representing French citizens living in several foreign countries, including Israel, said that he had previously received permission from the French government to support the Israeli association; therefore, he was surprised at the latest decision to prevent the transfer of funds on the grounds that the association in Gilo is located beyond the 1967 borders.

In December, Habib reportedly received an approval to make a financial contribution to the Daat Menachem association that supports French-Israeli students studying in Jerusalem.

Curiously, in recent news, with his appointment as France’s new prime minister, there has been renewed attention to a 2011 video of Manuel Valls declaring that he is “eternally tied” to Israel, and expressing Islamophobic views.

Valls, who served as interior minister until his promotion to prime minister, has gained considerable international attention because he was born in the Catalonia region in Spain.