A Palestinian detainee identified as Adnan Shanayta, 25 years of age, was moved to the Assaf HaRofeh Israeli Medical Center after a sharp deterioration in his health condition resulting from his 38-day hunger strike.A representative of the Red Cross informed his family that the detainee was moved to the medical center, after his health condition deteriorated at the Ramla Prison clinic, which lacks basic supplies, medication and specialized physicians.

Shanayta suffers from lung congestion resulting from asthma, and apparently became unable to walk on his own.

On April 28, the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, and the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) organized an activity in front of Shanayta’s home, in solidarity with the hunger striking Palestinian detainees.

Shanayta was taken to prison three months ago, and has been held under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charge, since then.

He also suffers from other health issues that impede his ability to walk or to even move his body.

Head of the Ministry of Detainees in the Bethlehem district, Monqeth Abu Attoun, called for massive public support to the detainees, holding hunger strikes, including those who started their strike four days ago, demanding an end to their arbitrary detention, and claiming their internationally guaranteed rights.